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Hotel Lush Canterbury - Coming Soon

We are excited to announce our boutique self check-in apart hotel launch in december. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

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We offer luxury relaxing accommodation for leisure, contractors and professionals.

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The Gem House Gillingham

Rent our lovely home in the heart of Kent for your next stay in the united Kingdom. Local amenities such as Leeds Castle and Charles Dickens adventure.

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The Gem House Canterbury

Stay at our lovely home which is located in the popular Canterbury, close to the famous Cathedral.

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We offer Interior Design & Show Home Services

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  • Custom Printed Cushions

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Custom Printed Cushions

Themed Pattern Prints

Wall Print Decor

Sparkling Air Bnb Cleans

We offer our fantastic sparkling air bnb cleaning services on checkout so you don't have to worry about the most important service for holiday homes. A clean property.

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  • Managing your own Air Bnb property

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Managing your own Air Bnb property

Online Courses to set up and generate £1000+ per month from one property

Select the available courses below to enter into our online courses. All courses are followed by a 1 hour aftercare to help with any questions regarding the courses.

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